Saturday, January 26, 2008


In my perfect heaven space there's a picture of you.
To think of all the time I’ve wasted not looking at you.
Answering the questions before it's been asked.
The answers is in the question I hope you don't ask.
And when I see you then I know it will be next to me
And when I need you then I know you will be there with me
I'll never leave you...

Just need to get closer, closer,
Lean on me now,
Lean on me now...
It starts in the morning
When youre lying next to me
Im rolling Im rolling
Im rolling so quickly
Now Im not a doctor
And Im not a lawyer
I get a prescription and set it on fire
Blow me a kiss
Ill be happy the rest of my life
And Im so happy cause youre so happy
Im so happy cause youre so happy
Im so happy ause youre so happy
And Im so happy cause youre so happy
Everybody thinks you're well
Everybody thinks I'm ill
Watching me fall apart
Falling under your spell

But you're fooling yourself
You're fooling yourself
Cause you say you love me
And then you do it again, you do it again
You say you're sorry
And then you do it again, you do it again
And again and again and again and again

Take all the goods from all the bads
And tell the people that youve gone away
Now lift your head up to the sky
Now you can tell apart the black from the white
We waste the time they treasure dear
My only thought is that they could be right
Oh look there goes another year
About as distant as a satellite
And I feel safe, so safe
And I feel safe, so safe
She's so strange
And she wore a black moustache
And pilfered all the petty cash
She went to Birmingham
She'll soon be in the can
Oh you broke my soul
Dear you stole the plot
You left an empty shot
Theres nothing left here cos you took the lot
An empty cage is all Ive got
cos when your bird has flown away
She was never meant to stay
It's the last laugh of the laughter
Sur la dernier page du chapitre
On the last day of the year
Ma vie
Tout ma vie

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